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Heavy Weight Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle / Black

Heavy Weight Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle / Black

  • $ 1499

Heavyweight brass knuckle belt buckle, black finish. Weighs 8 oz. 

This item will not be shipped to addresses in the following states: MA-CA-FL-NY-MI-DC-RI-IL. Also, no sales outside of USA

LEGALITY DISCLAIMER: These are heavy duty belt buckles and are designed for belt buckle use only. Check your local laws for the legality of these products in your specific area. The purchase, ownership, and use of this product is and could be subject to a variety of local laws and regulations that vary in each state. Due to the complexity and variation of local laws and regulations, we are not responsible for any violation of said laws or improper use of this product, as this product is to be used for belt buckle purposes only.

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