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Mini Digital Color Alarm Clock DVR - Safe2Me.Com

Mini Digital Color Alarm Clock DVR

  • $ 5600

Someone might bring a Travel Alarm Clock with them, in so many different scenarios; to work, to a hotel room, to stay at the home of a friend or relative, to visit someone for the holidays, perhaps they work in a cubicle and there is no clock there, or maybe one of a hundred other reasons.

The Miniature Digital Alarm Clock DVR is the ultimate hidden camera digital video recorder! Hide this amazing camera in plain sight since it’s cleverly disguised as a fully functional alarm clock. No one would ever guess in 735 years, that this is a surveillance camera.

This alarm clock hidden camera is perfect for secret video surveillance like keeping an eye on your home, checking up on employees or your kids. It has a variety of recording options including video and audio, audio only, still photo, motion detector and works as a webcam!